7 Best Super Bowl Commercials

The 7 Best Super Bowl Commericals

It’s finally here, the mecca of all sports, the biggest day in TV, the Super Bowl has arrived! Whether you’re a fan of the Chiefs or 49ers, or maybe you’re a disappointed Patriots fan like we are here at Stran, the Super Bowl is an event for everyone. Regardless of if your team is playing or not, every year the commercials are must-see TV and so in the spirit of the big game, we decided to reveal a list of our top 7 all-time favorite Super Bowl commercials. Get into the spirit of the big game and enjoy!

7. Doritos Sling Shot Baby (2012)

6. Doritos Pug Attack (2011)

5. Snickers Betty White (2010)

4. E-Trade Baby (2013)

3. Coke’s Mean Joe Greene (1979)

2. Volkswagon Darth Vader (2011)

  1. Budweiser Lost Dog (2015)

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