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Carry On Must Haves

Carry On Must Haves

Being able to skip out on a day at the office to travel sounds like a dream to some, and a nightmare for others. Having to catch flights, book car rentals, endless security, navigation, and keeping tabs of it all can end up causing a lot of hassle. Also, the  fact you have to live out of a suitcase for your time away.

Thankfully, carry-on bags were invented to keep the frequent travelers sane. Carry on bags are a vital part of traveling and give mobility to bring what you’d like.

Check out this list of travel items you should never leave for a business trip without.

Portable Hotspot – for when the airport wifi is too expensive

Filtration Bottles –  for when you want more than a cup when you are on the plane

Small Medicine Holders –  for when the headache kicks in or you need some good sleep

Power Bank –  for when your phone dies in the middle of your streamed movie

Neck Pillow –  for when it’s time to sleep

Headphones – for when it’s time to tune out the world

Throw a couple of snacks in your bag along with everything else and you are good to go!  Travel with your company and get all of your items personalized by Stran.

Happy travels!

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