Carve out your brand not just your pumpkin

Halloween is originally known as All Hallows Eve, a time for ghosts, goblins and candy galore. It is also a time for individuals to create decorative costumes for trick or treating and themed parties. According to the Celtic culture, on this ancient holiday gifts and treats were left out to please the spirits of the dead who roamed the streets. This was done to warrant the new years’ crops would yield profitable.

We here at Strän believe it is also a time to decorate your brand with personalization, maximizing your profitability with promotional products! Don’t let that tote for your company retreat go out without your logo! Recognize your employees’ hard work by giving them a branded bag with their name on it that they can use time and time again. Better yet, send us your logo and let Strän do all the work for you!

Any good Halloween celebration requires three things: a well-executed theme, some great decorations, and everyone’s individual costumes to bring life to the party. At Strän, we follow similar guidelines for supplying your promotional products. We specialize in creating a central theme through product that will enhance any event you have. Our decoration capabilities allow you to individually personalize apparel for any team sporting event, especially when you are teaming up to get the most candy. Best of all, we are a leader in our industry for customized and personalized product. Just as a Halloween costume reflects individuality and creative thought, much of our team’s success is attributed to our impressive flexibility and creativity when helping companies connect customers to their brand through personalized product. While giving a tote with your company logo affords you good brand exposure, a tote with your company logo AND your employee or customer’s name makes an incomparable impact that underscores your company’s appreciation for not just the brand, but the individual.  (Check out some of our previous personalization projects here: )

With Halloween right around the corner, not only is it time to pick your costume, but its time to pick your next project that Strän can create a branded experience with. Don’t let the Jack-O-Lanterns have all the fun, your promotional product can grab the attention of your audience too!

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