New Year, New You

      According to Forbes, 70% of all American companies offer employee wellness programs. This figure has risen from just 58% in 2008. This growing trend of increasing importance for employee wellness is not for nothing. According to the Forbes study, for every $1 that companies invest in their wellness programs, they reap [...]

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Working Towards Wellness in the Workplace

Working Towards Wellness in the Workplace It is no secret that living a healthy lifestyle reaps a number of both mental and physical benefits. But did you ever think that it could benefit your professional performance? According to a WorldatWork article, 62% of employees who participated in a United Health Care survey said [...]

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A long holiday week/end can put a damper on the healthy eating habits you were trying to keep up with. If your Fourth of July festivities went as planned, you probably scarfed down on hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, pasta salad, and so much more! The possibilities were endless. Then the festivities end, and you [...]

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Never Too Early To Plan For Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Source of Calendar: Choose Hope. October may seem far away right now, but it’s not too early to start thinking about Breast Cancer Awareness month. The perfect way to get everyone involved in a breast cancer awareness activity is to participate in a walk. This is a positive way to get your employees to be active [...]

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UberHEALTH – Client Success Stories

Uber is one of those companies that just thinks differently about the world.  They are shaking up the Taxi and Limousine industry and they might just be what many in the business world call a disruptive company.  This disruptive and creative approach to problem solving carries over into the marketing strategies.  Recently Uber launched a [...]

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