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Getting to Know Gen Z

Getting to Know Gen Z So, who qualifies as a Gen Z? A Gen Z is anyone born between the years of 1997 & 2012. That means that in the year 2020, Gen Z's range in age from 8-23 years old. So, why is this generation so important to get to [...]

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Virtual Event Gift Kit

Virtual Event Gift Kits As a result of Covid19, most corporate events are being transitioned online. While this is without question a better solution than canceling these events altogether, there's no doubt that branding opportunities have become limited as a result. But you can only play the hand you're dealt, and [...]

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Connecting with consumers

Marketing After Covid To put it lightly, Covid19 has caused havoc across the globe. Beyond the obvious medical & social hurdles, it's dramatically impacted the way business is conducted and as a result, marketing & advertising efforts have had no choice but to adapt. But this pandemic is unlike anything [...]

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Top 10 Trendy Products of the Fall

Trendy Products of the Fall Don't get too bummed out, it's still summer! With that said, fall is firmly on the horizon. Kids are back in school, football is going to take over the weekend and the leaves are soon to change. It's time to focus on fall and all of the fun [...]

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Implementing QR Codes in Advertising

Implementing QR Codes in Advertising As we live in an increasingly digital age, business strategies must evolve to maintain relevance and the art of advertising is no exception. Technology is becoming a driving force in the way that advertisers get their message across to consumers, however, it has been proven that physically branded [...]

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Millennial Buying Trends From a Millennial’s Perspective 

Millennial Buying Trends From a Millennial's Perspective As a Millennial myself, I like to think that I have a pretty firm grasp on the buying trends and habits of my generation. As Millennials are defined as any person born between the years of 1980 and 1996, this generation falls between the ages of [...]

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