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Education Sector

There’s a balance and skill to bringing pride and spirit to campuses and educational companies while maintaining the reputation and tradition of the institution’s brand name. We recognize the value in generating enthusiasm and a sense of welcome in educational environments and can do so as we promote your school name with quality assurance. Whether you’re appealing to students, alumni, faculty or anywhere in between, promotional marketing will drive loyalty and spur enthusiasm around campus.

What Client’s Say

Strän is by far the most reliable vendor I have dealt with in over 12yrs; they are fast, reliable, and will go to any extent to make a deadline. Working with vendors on a daily basis few stand out like Strän. They are my go to for best prices, super-fast quotes, and overall great product knowledge. Sarah Polins and the entire Strän staff are the most helpful of vendors. They not only have the best sources for new hot products but they also continually produce amazing quality for everything I have ever ordered. Few vendors go the extra mile, and no matter how short of a notice I seem to give them, Strän consistently delivers over 100% from start to finish.
LaJuanzo Turner, Zoom Media
Over the last 10 years, Strän has been partnering with me at Digitas on a number of branded items. Strän’s team has always been incredibly services minded, offering many alternatives to what we request, narrowing the field down when we need to and delivering all their products on time. The make buying promotional product extremely easy. From apparel to banners, Strän gets me everything I need. We often look to them for innovations in the industry as well.
Kristen Kuhlmann, DigitasLBi
I’m so glad you guys are as proud of the Just-A-Kid platform as we are. Without Strän this whole project would have been a great idea that we probably would never have executed.
Alex Center, Coca-Cola

Case Study

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Education Markets Served

  • College and Universities
  • Preparatory School
  • Alumni Associations
  • Executive Ed Programs
  • Clubs & Student Orgs
  • Test Prep & Tutoring Orgs
  • Sports Teams
  • Childcare & Preschools


Ideas for product usage

  • Parent/Staff Appreciation
  • Student Orientations
  • Admissions Programs
  • Game-day Giveaways
  • Fundraisers
  • Alumni Events/Reunions
  • Career Fairs
  • Recruiting Events


Services for Education Clients

  • Incentive Gifting
  • Custom Packaging
  • Event Display Mgmt
  • Co-Branding
  • Kitting
  • Print-On-Demand Services
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Fulfillment


Platform Strengths

  • Customized Look and Feel
  • Same-day Shipments
  • Billing & Payment Options
  • Custom Reporting Options
  • ROI Measurement
  • Track Department Spend
  • Pop-up Storefronts
  • CRM & Other Integrations

More on our Expertise

Our 22 years of experience working within different types of higher education, scholastic companies and programs has afforded us the knowledge to bring only the best branded merchandise and creative marketing services to institutions and companies.

No matter the educational organization or group, brand policing and consistency is pertinent. From bags, water bottles, school supplies to apparel, rally gear and executive product; we can put your school name, mascot or fundraiser cause on virtually any product. Best of all, our team is full of experts at brand policing to ensure brand consistency and school reputation. Stran can accomplish all this while consolidating spending. Ideas for needing promotional products that invoke spirit and school pride include parent/staff appreciation, student orientations, admissions programs, game-day giveaways, fundraisers, alumni events, executive education campaigns, recruiting events, career fairs, school fairs, signage and event banners/tents/back walls, welcoming incoming freshmen and visiting weekend.
Strän goes beyond the products, however, and can offer some of the best and most creative marketing services to ensure an ongoing and impressionable relationship between students or alumni with the school or educational organization. Let us help bring your important educational values, message and promise to the public. Our services include incentive programs through gifting, custom packaging including the ability to package a donor’s invitation with a highly valued item to reinforce the institution’s appreciation, event display set up, co-branding, kitting, dynamic digital print-on-demand services, direct mail campaigns, and automated group buying.
With the ever-growing virtual educational opportunities, Stran seeks to help schools and organizations reach all students, whether they are on campus or online. One of our most powerful tools for ensuring the success of your educational brand and brand message is with our cutting edge technology. Our ability to create eCompany online platform stores and ship to a global audience makes our services and products accessible to everyone, so that even the most diverse or dispersed student bodies can show off their school appreciation. Our online platforms and inventory management strengths include customized look and feel, ability to carry out same-day shipments, multiple billing options, highly developed and customizable reporting systems, ability to allocate costs to different departments, tracking of each department’s spending, and many payment options. These platforms can be built for either a front facing eCommerce solution, for internal marketing/partner usage; or, for both in a single solution.
In our work and services, Strän values compliance and is committed to conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. Our compliant measures include CPSIA compliant for child safety, PCI compliant technology for B2C transactions needed in pop-up and online stores, consistency with all applicable national and local legal and regulatory standards, placing spending limits based on user login or cost center.
Getting students, staff and parents to come to school events and fundraisers is sometimes the greatest part of the challenge. Our access to state of the art printing allows you to optimize your outreach and event participation. Strän’s packaging experts will take you through the process from ideation to creative development all the way through the manufacturing of customized packaging or kitting. Above all else, we can assure that we will hit your strict deadlines and deliver on time. Our printing, kitting and distribution flexibility is outlined by our ability to offer dynamic digital print-on-demand services, creating/printing/inserting/assembling/storing and delivering materials on time, inventory management with advanced reporting, flexible transportation network and program management, customized packaging, variable data, warehousing, kitting and six american distribution centers with additional locations for global distribution.