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Financial & Insurance Industry

As a financial company, managing money is your priority; and at Strän, managing your brand name effectively and responsibly is our priority. With more than 22 years of working with clients in the financial industry, Stran has developed some of the most creative and impactful marketing solutions to help financial clients build their branding message, maintain brand consistency, remain in compliance with industry and firm rules, and ensure customer confidence.

What Client’s Say

Strän is by far the most reliable vendor I have dealt with in over 12yrs; they are fast, reliable, and will go to any extent to make a deadline. Working with vendors on a daily basis few stand out like Strän. They are my go to for best prices, super-fast quotes, and overall great product knowledge. Sarah Polins and the entire Strän staff are the most helpful of vendors. They not only have the best sources for new hot products but they also continually produce amazing quality for everything I have ever ordered. Few vendors go the extra mile, and no matter how short of a notice I seem to give them, Strän consistently delivers over 100% from start to finish.
LaJuanzo Turner, Zoom Media
Over the last 10 years, Strän has been partnering with me at Digitas on a number of branded items. Strän’s team has always been incredibly services minded, offering many alternatives to what we request, narrowing the field down when we need to and delivering all their products on time. The make buying promotional product extremely easy. From apparel to banners, Strän gets me everything I need. We often look to them for innovations in the industry as well.
Kristen Kuhlmann, DigitasLBi

I’m so glad you guys are as proud of the Just-A-Kid platform as we are. Without Strän this whole project would have been a great idea that we probably would never have executed.

Alex Center, Coca-Cola

Case Study

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Financial Sectors Serviced

  • Retail Banks
  • Fund Managers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Re-Insurance Companies
  • Credit Unions
  • Consumer-Finance Companies
  • Stock Brokerages
  • Government-Sponsored Enterprises


Ideas for product usage

  • Company Training
  • Conferences/Seminars
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Client Meetings
  • Incentives & Rewards
  • Trade Shows
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Recruiting Events


Financial Sector Services

  • Compliance
  • Co-Branding
  • Personalization
  • Kitting
  • Inventory Management
  • Printed Data Sheets
  • Trade Show Management
  • Customization
  • Fulfillment


Platform Strengths

  • Customized Look and Feel
  • Same-day Shipments
  • Billing & Payment Options
  • Custom Reporting Options
  • ROI Measurement
  • Multiple Cost Allocation
  • Track Department Spend
  • Pop-up Storefronts
  • CRM Integration

More on our Expertise

Our products and services will help your company stay competitive and respected by promoting your brand and fostering brand loyalty. We work with all types of financial service companies and are experts at addressing each service’s specific needs.

Stran can offer some of the most current, innovative and highest valued promotional product to help financial companies facilitate successful customer engagement and retention while remaining competitive. Our products will reflect the values of your company by promising quality, reliability and sustainability. We us product, whether hard goods like drinkware, technology, or journals or soft goods like apparel, bags, or hats to create sales tools for driving revenue. These tools can be used across a wide array of settings including company training’s, conferences, golf tournaments, client meetings, incentive and rewards programs, shareholder meetings, trade shows, seminars business dinners, networking events, broker gifts/marketing materials, awards ceremonies,  and client/customer appreciation.
Stran goes beyond the products, however, and can offer some of the best and most creative marketing services to foster the one-to-one connection between your customers and brand. Our “soups to nuts” handling starts at the beginning with our creative thinking, followed by production and the manufacturing all the way to distribution. At Stran, we research and plan programs based on the best way to drive engagement and ensure trust with the target audience. Our services include compliance, co-branding/combined co-branding and personalization, customization, kitting, inventory management, printed data sheets, brochures, mailings and sales materials, pre-trade show direct mail, event room drops, event show uniforms, post-event mailers and premium item follow up, and automated group buying
Through both our products and services, it is our goal to continually improve your outreach and promotional success while serving to maintain brand consistency and connection. One of our most powerful tools for ensuring the success of your brand is with our cutting edge technology. Now more than ever, customers are demanding more service through technology. We are a leader within our industry for the advanced e-Company store platforms and reporting systems we can provide. We’ve built compliance right into our solution so you can rest assured that Stran will meet your needs. Our online platform and inventory management strengths include customized look and feel, ability to carry out same-day shipments, multiple billing and paying options, highly developed and customizable reporting systems, ability to allocate costs to different departments, tracking of each department’s spending, and ROI measurement. Our technology platform can be oriented for either a front facing ecommerce solution, for internal marketing/partner/wholesaler usage; or, for both in a single solution.
When working with an industry that requires high regulation and compliance, our financial clients can find satisfaction and reliability in Stran’s many efforts to build compliant systems and processes while also providing impressive flexibility. We are committed to conducting business affairs in a socially responsible and ethical manner consistent with all applicable national and local legal requirements. Some of our measures include placing spending limits (which can be based on user login, cost center or final recipient), PCI compliant technology, strict quality control standards with top rated suppliers in the industry, assurance that suppliers have received certification from third party quality certification alliance, and assurance that suppliers are conforming to fair labor association standards.
The final step in facilitating the one-to-one connection between your brand and your customers is through fulfillment and distribution. Stran’s centralized platform for providing high quality product and service allows us to work with the different needs of your distribution channels. In the financial industry in particular, robust print and mail services are necessary for recruitment and client communication. Stran’s partnership with Harte Hanks gets you access to powerful tools and resources that are beyond the reach of many smaller, mid-sized companies. Harte Hanks is the pre-eminent direct mail provider in the US. They have the software, logistics and resources to handle jobs of any size and complexity. Together with Stran’s team of experts for creative ideation and kitting, this partnership’s success is reflected in our ability to offer printed data sheets, brochures, mailings, co-mingled packaging to combine literature fulfillment with premium distribution- in fact 20% of our shipments for financial clients go with both literature and premium packaging- dynamic print-on-demand services, on-time delivery, inventory management with advanced reporting, warehousing, kitting, and 6 North American distribution centers with addition locations for global distribution.