Golf in Corporate America

There are more than 15,000 golf courses in the US alone.  Every year more than 465 million rounds of golf are played.  Even millennials have caught the golf bug with 6.3 million of them playing golf.  What is it about golf that makes it such a hit with those in business?  There could be several factors.  First is the pace of the game.  Playing just 9 holes can take a couple of hours and in that time you only spend a couple minutes here and there actually hitting the ball.  This makes for plenty of time to talk shop.  Because of that pace, it’s also a game that people of all ages and states of health can play.

Many argue that one way for more women to find more success at the upper most levels of business (C-Suite and Board of Directors) is to learn to play golf.  The game of gold gives you that time, whether it’s with clients, prospective clients, your boss or other colleagues to build relationships that can help accelerate your career.  And the game itself can often show how you handle pressure situations.

Golf has also become a great way for companies to align themselves with charitable organizations and create a social outing that also raises money and awareness of important causes.  It’s the #1 reason for producing a golf event in the US and charity golf events raise approximately $3.9 billion annually.

Whether you are taking a client out for a round of golf, spending some quality time with the boss, or participating in a charity golf tournament, there is always a place for branded products to ensure that your organization and its messages are conveyed throughout and after the experience.  Stran is a leader is golf themed and relevant products.  Take a look at some of our offerings for the 2017 season here.

Stran’s own Randy Birney and Matt Erck at The Clean Harbors Annual Charity Golf Tournament

*US Golf Stats from R&A’s “Golf Around the World” Study.

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