Holiday Gifting Guide

Holiday Gifting Guide

Well, the calendar has officially turned…to October! When you hear “holiday” you’re probably thinking about what Halloween costume you’re planning to wear this year, maybe Thanksgiving is on you radar, but certainly not Christmas & New Years, right? In the world of promo, the time to plan your holiday gifting is now. Eliminate the headache and anxiety of wondering if your product will arrive on time, planning is key when it comes to getting your orders fulfilled in time for the holidays as it’s a busy time of year for everyone.

To make sure you look like a rockstar around the office, we’ve put together a list of the top products for the upcoming holiday season as your go-to gift guide.

  1. Food Assortments: They don’t call it “holiday weight” for nothing! The three F’s of the holiday season are family, friends & food, they’re synonymous. Whether you’re looking to spoil your clients or employees with sweets or pushing a health initiative, food is always a great way to let someone know they’re appreciated.  If you plan early enough, you can assemble nearly any assortment of product imaginable. If you’re looking to make it truly memorable, add custom packaging & a personal note.
  2. Knit Hats & Mittens: While it may only be October, if your climate is anything like ours here in Boston the odds are you’ll be reaching for either a hat or pair of mittens by the end of the month! Everyone needs them, so why not gift them? This is a great way to make sure your brand gets extra exposure during the cold weather months while keeping your recipients toasty! (If you’re feeling really generous, maybe throw in a custom scarf!)
  3. Outerwear: From sweatshirts to flannels, everyone loves a new wearable. According to a 2019 ASI study, the average piece of outerwear generates 6,100 impressions at a cost of just 3/10 of a cent per. With numbers like that they’re a great value piece in terms of cost per impression and they’ll leave your recipients feeling a sense of appreciation. If you’re looking for a really nice piece, you can shop brand name and find pieces from Roots, NorthFace, Patagonia and more!
  4. Ornaments: Ornaments scream creativity & uniqueness. Be creative! Be unique! Think about the ornaments on your tree, sure you probably have your vanilla red & green bulbs, but beyond that I bet you have some unique pieces that you continue to display year in and year out. What would you do to have your brand on display for the next 10 years? While it may only gain exposure for a month (Or two if you’re Christmas crazed like me) every year, they’re associated with positive memories and good times. Not to mention, people always take notice of their friends & families trees! If that’s not enough, think about when you decorate your tree, you unwrap your ornament and make a strategic decision on where each piece goes, then at the end of the season you have to carefully re-wrap your ornaments. This ensures that they’re getting direct attention and actually being seen.
  5. Candle Sets: Peppermint, candy cane, chestnut, the scents of the season. Can’t you smell them now? Scented candles are a great gift around the holidays because it’s an item that anyone can use, and they’ll keep them around too. It’s not an easy item to lose, and it’s not going to get tossed in the trash. The best part is, you can throw your logo ALL over the packaging. You can be clever about it too, do something that stands out and make it something unique to the holidays. Regardless, your end-user will find use for this candle and at every light of the match, every sniff of the scent, your brand will be at the forefront.
  6. Flannel Blankets: Curl up by the fire and get cozy wrapped snug in a flannel blanket! Whether you just shoveled off the driveway or are looking for a lazy, movie filled Sunday, a flannel blanket will do the trick to get you winter ready. A nice addition to this piece would be a pack of hot chocolate, the two pair nicely and it’ll give the gift a nice added touch. Plus, the custom packaging is yet another opportunity to show off your brand.

Hopefully this holiday gifting guide will give you some ideas for creating some awesome holiday care packages. If you like a few of these items, pair them! Obviously it’s budget dependent, but many of these items go together like Santa & his sleigh. Mix & match items to create the perfect holiday gift for your clients & employees.

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