Land of the Free and Home of your next Promotional Product?

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The phrase “Made in the USA” generates pride and quality assurance for the promotional product industry. Using American made products to promote your brand has several benefits, so it makes sense that 53% of people in the US have a more favorable opinion of your brand if promotional products you use are in fact “Made in the USA”. As Independence Day is right around the corner, take a look at our 4 good reasons to seek out American-made products.

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1. Product production will have better quality control because manufacturers have to follow stricter compliance guidelines in the US.

2. There is improved communication which also lowers the risk for stock and inventory problems.

3. They support the American economy by helping to create and secure jobs for fellow Americans.

4. They help to display and embody American pride with your branding message.


Trustworthy, Patriotic, American Made.

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