March Employee Spotlight

March Employee Spotlight

For the month of March, we’re focusing on a growing trend taking place amongst the modern workplace. That trend is promoting improved physical & mental health. With the workforce becoming increasingly Millennial dominant, it’s inherently experiencing change, and maybe that’s for the better. Collectively, Millennials prioritize health & leisure more than previous generations. These priorities are the driving force behind the new-look workplace.

For our March employee spotlight, we’re highlighting one of our talented Account Managers, Sara Ramani. Sara’s part of the new look workforce and her healthy habits have started rubbing off on our team. Sara’s been with Stran for a year and counting and she’s making a difference day in & day out for clients and co-workers alike.

During the workday, Sara manages a number of key accounts and services their every need. She serves a critical function in Stran’s overall operation as she ensures that clients have immediate access to an expert team member while providing them with the information, resources and ideas to best execute their branding strategy.

Sara’s an industry expert and stays on the forefront of all changing product trends. Equipped with a strong product background, Sara’s able to suggest creative product offerings to her clients that make an immediate impact on their program in an effort to maximize impact and effectiveness.

Outside the office, Sara’s a fitness fanatic. Each morning before work, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll find her working out in our gym. Getting into work early to exercise kickstarts her day and gives her the energy & mental clarity to perform at a high level.

We sat down with her to discuss what positive benefits exercise has for her each day both personally & professionally. We asked Sara to talk about why she exercises every day and hopefully it can serve as some motivation for you to make some positive habits in 2020!

What made you decide you wanted to start exercising before work? “I’m an early riser and love getting up in the morning. It clears my mind before starting a busy day.”

How do you feel after your workout each morning? “I feel energized, refreshed and ready to work each day.”

Talk about what motivates you to continue your fitness regimen. “I’m motivated by seeing results and having goals of progress that I want to achieve. Holding myself accountable for my results is something that I take pride in and think it’s an absolute must to starting any fitness regimen. You control your own success!”

What kind of foods do you eat to fuel yourself for the day ahead after exercising? “I start everyday with an iced coffee. Then, I eat a rice cake with peanut butter & a side of fruit. I also drink a protein shake to get the most out of my workout.”

What advice would you give to someone trying to make a healthy lifestyle change? “Stick with it. It’s not easy at first but once you get in your routine, you won’t want to skip it. It becomes a key part of your day that helps you clear your mind and gives you both mental & physical confidence.”

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