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According to Forbes, 70% of all American companies offer employee wellness programs. This figure has risen from just 58% in 2008. This growing trend of increasing importance for employee wellness is not for nothing. According to the Forbes study, for every $1 that companies invest in their wellness programs, they reap a return of $1.50 in the form of savings on insurance premiums. There is no denying the effectiveness and positive financial and psychological benefits that workplace wellness programs have on the companies that invest time and resources into their success. So as marketers, how can we work to continue to further enhance the growing trend of these wellness programs as they produce clear return on investment? Rewards!


The best way to create buy-in from employees on these wellness programs is by rewarding them with prizes and other creative incentives that make for a fun but competitive experience. After all, the more commitment from your employees, the more successful your program will be.


With that in mind, let’s take a look at a mix of useful and creative incentive items and tools that you can provide for your employees to kick off your wellness initiative to make sure that it reaches its maximum potential. Here are 4 great ways to reward and encourage your fellow employees to make the most of the opportunity at hand.


Pack a lunch 


  1. Lunch Bags: Reusable lunch bags are the perfect item to encourage employees to pack their lunch as a healthy alternative to buying greasy, fat filled foods in the cafeteria. 
  2. Tupperware: How many times do you find yourself with leftovers at home that you end up having to throw out because they went stale?Probably too often. Don’t let a great meal go to waste, take it to work tomorrow! This is a great way to ensure that you can enjoy yet another serving of your healthier meal from the night prior. 
  3. Water Bottle: Probably the most essential item for ensuring a healthy lifestyle while also offering an environmentally friendly alternative to single use plastic water bottles are reusable water bottles. This item promotes a healthy lifestyle as it serves as a reminder to employees of the importance of hydration to living a healthy life.



Get on your feet!


  1.  Standing Desk: According to the Harvard Medical School, employees who utilize standing desks burn 8 calories more each hour than those sitting at traditional desks. Additionally, studies have shown that employee productivity dramatically improves for employees who use standing desks.
  2. Bluetooth Headphones: With all that mobility you’ll need to get yourself and your employees a set of bluetooth headphones! This is the perfect accessory to promote productivity and creativity in the workplace as it will allow employees to focus on their work while staying mobile and on their feet. 
  3. Wireless Chargers:Have you noticed a common theme? Be limitless! Wireless chargers will provide employees with the flexibility to keep their devices charged while moving around and being on their feet.



Work out during lunch


  1. Gym Bag: Working out during lunch is a great opportunity to utilize the company gym, but you can’t do it without a change of clothes. Equip employees with a company branded gym bag so that they can bring their workout gear to the office without hassle.
  2.  Shaker Bottle/ Infuser: Some employees are looking to shed a few pounds, others are looking to put on muscle. Regardless of the situation, there are beneficial supplements that can help your employees reach their desired goals. Branded shaker bottles are a great way to encourage participants to take the necessary steps to reach their fitness goals.
  3. Gym Towel: It may seem simple, but a gym towel is a workout necessity. Everyone sweats when they workout, help your employees clean up with new gym towels.



A little healthy competition never hurt anyone


  1. Fitbit Tracker: A Fitbit or comparable fitness tracking device is a great tool to monitor a number of vital fitness measurements. This is a great item to create a friendly competition among participants as they can log their progress and work towards being the most successful in the campaign.
  2. Health and Fitness Planner: It is important to create a plan of action when it comes to achieving health goals. Help your employees organize a strategic roadmap to success by equipping them with a health and fitness planner.
  3. Incentives: Like anything else in life, people enjoy being rewarded for their hard work. Motivate your employees by creating an incentive program for when they reach personal health benchmarks. If you’re stumped on ideas for products or other incentive items, reach out to a rep at Stran for guidance and they will get you well on your way to creating the perfect line of incentives



The team here at Stran would like to wish you the best of luck with your health and wellness programs. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and get expert council on how to most effectively create and implement a plan to reward the efforts of all participants!

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