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Here at Stran, we live and die promo. This is what we do day in and day out and we truly believe that it’s an essential piece of any successful marketing effort as it drives brand recognition through heightened brand exposure from increased impressions. But who are we to not practice what we preach? Since we work so hard to show other both existing and prospective clients how we can effectively grow their brands, we should probably be using our own services too!

Recently, we gathered our account mangers and asked them to come up with a list of prospects who they believe would be a great fit for our services. After compiling a list of about 300 prospects, we wanted to send them a promotional item to show them how bought into our own practices we are. We wanted to come up with our own unique item that accurately represents our values and company culture. After careful thought and consideration, we decided to send these prospects custom branded eco-friendly pencils. However, these aren’t your average pencil as we aren’t your average promo supplier.

The Sprout pencils that we selected are unique. We wanted something different, something that accurately represents our brand as we are built on unique ideas for unique clients who have unique circumstances, this pencil is the essence of us here at Stran. The pencil itself is made up of recycled resources and packaged in recycled postcards. The pencil functions as any other, you can write your hand off when you need to but when you’re done writing, the pencil cup on your desk is going to have to sit this one out. You’ll want to place this pencil into a pot of planting soil making sure that you attend to it with water and adequate sunlight as it grows a plant from the non-writing end! An actual plant, I’m not kidding you. You can select a pencil that will grow anything from mint plants like we selected to beautifully colored flowers and so on. These pencils are unlike any other and they’re a great opportunity for you to showcase your brand in a fun and environmentally conscious light just like we did.

We had our logo precisely engraved on each pencil that we ordered to ensure that our brand remains top-of-mind to each recipient. Additionally, we created custom packaging that we feel represents our brand and what we stand for, sustainability and growth. While the pencil is symbolic of the growth potential that you can have as a business, we also hope you’re able to see how this can leave a positive impact on the environment as environmental sustainability is something that we care deeply about and consider at every step of our own operation. This pencil serves as a reminder that in our every day lives, we can leave a green fingerprint on the world.

After receiving their pencil, our prospective clients also received an email and a personal phone call from a Stran representative. This was done through our Marketing & Sales platform HubSpot which houses all of our essential client data. Our email was intended to give this prospect pool better insight into why we sent them this pencil as well as provide them with the necessary instructions on how to grow their plant. Additionally, the email encouraged recipients to use our campaign hashtag (#GrowWithStran) in an effort to increase both brand exposure and brand interaction across social platforms. These client interactions are a necessary component of any successful promo effort as they facilitate dialogue and transform cold leads into warm leads in your sales pipeline.

Don’t get left out, if you’re looking to see our custom branded pencils first hand, just ask! If you take a few minutes to fill out the form below, you too will receive your very own Stran pencil. Grow with us today for a greener tomorrow.

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