Plastic bags are out! Reusable bags are in!

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We all know plastic bags are not good for the environment. So we shouldn’t be too surprised when the state of Hawaii decided to ban plastic bags, or different towns and cities in our own state of Massachusetts did too. Whole Foods became the first U.S. supermarket chain to ban plastic bags and has since seen the use of reusable grocery bags triple. In some countries like Germany customers are expected to pay for plastic bags and they always have the option to bring their own bags. Stores, such as Target, encourage their customers to buy reusable bags by offering small discounts on their purchases. This trend is sustainable and with a little getting used to it will feel just as normal as receiving a plastic bag at a store. This is why we see reusable bags as being very useful promotional items. They are very customizable and there are many different options!

These bags don’t have to be just your typical conference or expo show bags.They can come in different forms such as drawstring bags, produce shopping bags, wine bags and more. Bags can be customized so that they fold down to smaller sized bags along with having different types of decoration techniques for the logos and designs including transfer, screen printing, Dye sublimation, embroidery, all depending on the product. It’s important ti realize that these simple products can extend past the work world. If a person thinks the bag is good quality they’ll use it for their grocery shopping thus extending the brand. Just think of this investment as free advertising!


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