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A lot of times clients are asking us “What are the hot products, what’s trending now?”. There are always a handful of items that we can cite, but recently we’ve been noticing a trend is not always product specific. This trend can breathe new life into products that have been around the block and back. What is this trend you ask?


When you hand someone something with their name on it; the impact of that item goes way beyond that of a traditional branded product.  There is now an emotional connection to the item that didn’t exist previously.  We’ve worked on several cool personalization projects over the last year or so and we’re excited to share them.

Recently we were able to scope out and present a solution for a program that Coca Cola was looking to run for its Powerade brand.  Based on the effectiveness of the solution that we offered, Stran was rewarded with a license to produce and sell apparel along with other branded goods for Coca Cola.  The program is called “Just A Kid” and launched in March.  You can check out the site where you can order the personalized, custom merchandise here:


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As you can see on the site, anyone can go onto the site and customize the different items. They just choose a city that they are from and order a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or cap that says “Just A Kid From” and their city.  Powerade supported the program with an ad campaign which incorporated Derrick Rose and a voiceover by the late Tupac Shakur.  You can see that ad here:


In the first two months of the program over 2,500 consumer orders were placed and over 8,000 pieces shipped.  A portion of the proceeds are supporting the Boys and Girls Club of America.  This is a great example of a just in time solution for personalized, branded product. The concept is simple, but the ideas can be applied to many different business situations – not just retail!




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