Promo Pet Palooza

Promo Pet Palooza

To kick off our second employee spotlight, we decided that we wanted to shed some light on our office’s love for pets. And in the spirit of the holidays, the team here at Stran wants to join in on the giving season…but there’s a catch. Everyday we’re sharing pictures of our pets with one another and staying up-to-date with their lives. In fact, one of our talented Account Executives, Katie Hughes just celebrated the first birthday of her Golden Doodle Bradley. Happy birthday, Brad!  While we love our Stranimals, we’d like to see your pets too! What we’ve decided to do is run a contest that gives you the opportunity to show off your pets and win a unique prize in the process.

Starting Monday December 9th, if you post a picture of your pet(s) on either Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #StranPetPalooza and tag Stran in the post, you’ll be entered to win the prize of a portable speaker with an image of your pet on the front!

Each time you post a picture, you’ll receive an additional entry with no limitations on entries. If you’ve got an entire USB drive full of pictures with your pet, post away because we want to see all of them! Just be sure to tag us and use the hashtag in all posts to be counted as additional entries. And since it’s the holiday season, if you post a picture of your pet dressed up in holiday gear, you’ll recieve another entry! The competition ends on Wednesday December 18th and winners will be announced on the 19th. Make sense? Ready…set…post!

This month, we’re highlighting one of our talented graphic designers, Matt Goldstein who is celebrating his seventh year at Stran later this month. His French Bulldog, Rocky is entering his fourth year as a member of the Stran family! Matt specializes in social media marketing, internal branding and producing graphic services to clients. In addition to all of his marketing duties, Matt leads our talented team of graphic designers and manages incoming art projects to best suit their strengths.

Graphic design is a key part of our business as it drives product design. It not only gives clients the ability to see their products before they get put into the channels of production, but it facilitates product ideation. Our talented graphic design team is able to give artistic direction to account teams who provide new & innovative ideas to clients.

We’re in the business of making brands standout from the clutter of their industry. By customizing creative product, consumers are able to view brands from a unique lens. As the saying goes “You don’t know what you don’t know” and that could not be more true than it is in the world of promotional products. Graphic designers bring creativity to life and ideas to reality.

We sat down with Matt to get to know him a bit better outside the office and this is what we learned…

What are you eating for your last meal? It would have to be a multi-course affair. But if I had to choose just a few items, they’d include a porterhouse steak, rare, from Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn, NY. I’d also need a slice (or two) of pepperoni pizza from Pepe’s in New Haven, CT.

Who’s the most famous celebrity you’ve ever met? Jennifer ‘J-Lo’ Lopez.

What’s your best joke? It’s too long to write here, but maybe you’ve heard the one about the Pope & his driver. If not, look it up (The delivery is what makes the joke).

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Lake Como, Italy. George Clooney lives there, he has a villa 

What’s your biggest fear? I don’t like lizards & snakes.

What’s your favorite part of your job? I enjoy having the opportunity to be creative every day I come into the office.


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