Solution to Canceled Tradeshows

Staying In Front of Your Tradeshow Audience

With the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, tradeshows & events are being canceled and workplaces are shifting increasingly remote to curb the outbreak. Maybe your company is one of them! But even if you’re still boots on the ground in the office, many of your clients & prospects probably aren’t. This means that your life as a marketer just got more challenging. What we’re seeing is unprecedented and nearly impossible to predict. With all of this uncertanty seemingly consuming most all aspects of everyday life, one thing is for certain and it’s that we’ll get through this, together. Life will push on and so will your business. But right now, it’s as important as ever to stay in front of your clients to stay visible.

Tradeshows & events are great avenues to showcase your brand and to tell a story. Without them, it becomes difficult to gain expsoure and convey your marketing & sales messages. However, it’s still critical to tell these stories and to share these messages. One solution? Physical video products.

  • Video Boxes

  • Video Albums

  • Video Books

  • Video Brochures

  • Video Post Cards

When it comes to marketing during our current climate, education is important, especially if you’re trying to make up ground from a missed tradeshow or event. An item that provides you with an opprotunity to make up ground is a custom video box.

The above box that we produced for Great West Financial is a perfect example of an educational promotional piece that accurately and impactfully relays the same message that you could at a tradeshow. It’s an opportunity to speak directly to your targeted audience while rewarding them in the process. Great West produced an educational video which was uploaded to the box. When clients opened the box, the video began playing to relay their educational messaging in a clever & concise way. Beyond the video, Great West stocked this custom piece full of promotional products to reward their end-user. Educate & reward, that’s the theme with a piece like this. How effective was the video box? As a direct result of this marketing effort, Great West realized upwards of $50 million in new assets under management!

But this is just one example. Not all projects & budgets require such a large & custom piece. Video products without additional promo still make for great marketing & sales tools with an added potential for personalization. Whether you produce a company-wide video relaying standard messaging or produce completely custom messages, you can add a personal portion along the way calling out each recipient by name, making this experiential marketing project far more personal than a tradeshow ever could be!

These new-age marketing tools can be produced in all shapes and sizes and built to fit different projects & budgets. Don’t thrown in the towel just because your event got canceled, get creative and get personal with custom video products!

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