Summer is here, and so is the Best Product for the Season

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  1. Sunscreen

There’s nothing worse than getting sunburned to ruin a perfect vacation or summer day. Plus, too much exposure to harmful sunlight is a safety concern. That’s why a sunscreen promo item is ideal to convey your brand reliability and concern for human health and protection. Sunscreen products can come in clip-n-go varieties so that they are always attached to your beach or summer traveling bags and never left behind, or they can come in slim spritz varieties so they can fit almost anywhere. Protect your customers and clients with this summer time necessity!


  1. Umbrellas

Unfortunately, not all days in summer are sunny. When it rains, there’s no product more valued than the trusty umbrella. Brighten your customer, client or employee’s day by reminding them how dependable your brand is when placed on this dependable product that will keep them dry. Or, maybe it’s not raining and instead a sun umbrella is needed- another reliable promo item with guaranteed protection. According to ASI research, 25% of US consumers own promotional umbrellas. Help broadcast your message with this widely used and trusted product.


  1. Grill Tools

Calling all grill masters, or anyone who loves a good burger. Summer is the prime time for cookouts and tailgates which of course means one thing: grilling. Promo items for grilling include everything from the actual grill itself to tools like brushes, aprons, spatulas, and tongs, to the added necessities like propane tanks, grill-and-chill coolers and BBQ sauce. Grills can be portable, tail-gate size, coal or gas while tools can come kitted with a customized case. Get to the grill and associate your brand with a favorite summer pastime.


  1. Golf Products

It’s the season for days on the green and golf tournaments. Come prepared with your branded golf bags, balls, gloves, score card holders, tees, divot markers, stands and clubs. Golf promo items are some of the highest valued product in the industry. Check out some of the best product here, because there’s no reason to be sub-par when promoting your brand.


  1. Towels

Beach towels are a staple summer item. They are perfect for beach trips, poolside sunbathing or even a nice summer picnic. They come in customizable shapes, different patterns and colors, and a range of sizes. Cooling towels are also an option. These come with hyper-evaporative material that allows you to stay cool and beat the heat. One of the best things about towels, however, is the generous space they provide for displaying your branding message. Afford comfort and usability when you promote your company using this summer go-to.


  1. Coolers

Whether you’re going to the beach for the day or heading to a cookout, you’ll want some drinks- and most importantly, you’ll want them ice cold. What better way to promote your brand then with the item that everyone will be using this summer to house their refreshments.  It doesn’t stop with drinks, though, because there needs to be something that keeps those to-go lunches nice and chilled too. Luckily coolers can keep both food and drink packed & cold while providing a great surface to display your brand. Whether soft pouched or hard shelled, stationary or wheeled, hand held or picnic sized, coolers will do the job to not only survive a hot summer day, but to help promote your message.


  1. Speakers

It cannot really be a summer party (at least not a good one) without some music. Trips to the beach, boat rides or even get-togethers in the back yard all call for some quality speakers. Bring the party to your audiences this summer with transportable, wireless, Bluetooth, and high-def speakers branded with your company name and message. They can be mini, or they can include a docking station for iPads and smart phones. Some are even water resistant which is perfect for when they are needed near oceans, lakes and pools this summer.


  1. Beach Chairs

Going to a picnic? Sporting event? Beach? Camp fire? However people are spending their summer days, give them a guaranteed and always needed seat along with your brand message. Chairs may be lightweight, portable and folding; or they may be a wooden Adirondack style. Some chairs come equipped with accessory panels or cup-holders, others come with their own coolers, speakers and umbrellas. No matter what their watching or enjoying, your customers will be able to lounge all day in one of these chairs- and they can thank your generous brand name for that luxury.


  1. Mini fans

Staying cool is the name of the game during these upcoming months. And how can you be productive at work if you’re slowly dying from the heat? Mini fans are the solution- and not only for the heat, because they’re your promotional solution too. They’re transportable with their small size and easy to use. The gadgets don’t stop there, though, because these useful fans can come equipped with light bulbs, batteries and break away lanyards too.


  1. Camping Equipment

You’re heading out for your camping trip but are you sure you have all your equipment? Better yet, does it have your branded message on it? Because it can. Get flashlights, Swiss Army Knives, tents, lanterns, bikes, day-packs, rainwear, utensils, first aid kits, folding tables, tarps and binoculars all from our promotional product selection (the list goes on, too).  Identify your brand with some adventure and preparedness this season.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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