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For most of us, when we think about Thanksgiving, we immediately think of a day full of delicious food, family gathering, football and the kick-off to the holiday season. While these are all staples to Thanksgiving day, this upcoming holiday goes beyond the turkey at the center of the table and the family and friends around it.  The original Thanksgiving was a gathering of unity, reconciliation and gratitude. Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on our fortunes; our family, our health and our access to food and shelter. In the same sense, it should be a day of recognizing those who are not nearly as fortunate. Perhaps, simply being grateful is not enough and as a community, culture and tradition, we can all do more. In other words, Thanksgiving is not just about giving thanks, it is about giving back to the community too. We should be celebrating the strength of our community and contributing to that strength.

It is easier to give back than one may think, because the reality is that there are so many places, people and organizations that need help. In order to avoid being overwhelmed by the amount of those in need, it starts with being moved by a particular group. Maybe we cannot help everyone, but we can certainly start somewhere.

Philanthropic contribution or fundraising is one option and undoubtedly helps to bolster and raise awareness around a cause. Take the fundraising one step further by bringing in promotional product to align your company name with the goals of a charity or organization. In doing so, you can create a message beyond the one that captures your direct services to consumers; rather, you create a message reflecting your commitment to both consumers and community- causes that go beyond the motive of your own benefit or profit.

Other opportunities to give back can be about more than raising money. Hosting drives or getting out in the community to volunteer is a way give back while being directly involved. Canned food drives for food pantries are particularly popular around this time of year. Promote your company food drive with branded reusable bags so everyone remembers to bring in their non perishables. Another idea is to inspire friendly competition amongst employees and friends to bring in the most cans possible by offering the winner a highly desired promotional gift. Sometimes contributing to the community is most inspiring and fulfilling when it transcends a monetary donation.

As Thanksgiving often reminds of us our fortunes for being together under one roof, other things to consider include recognizing those who serve and are not as lucky to be with family, or supporting disaster relief for those without a place to call home in the first place.

As it turns out, this upcoming holiday is not only about getting creative with your recipes, but also about getting creative with your community contribution. Strän is available to help encourage and execute this creativity. Extend your hand beyond your own family table this Thanksgiving.

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