The Importance of Dealer Loader Items in the Beverage Industry

The Importance of Dealer Loader Items in the Beverage Industry

From education to retail, promotional products have their place in industries far and wide. However, an industry where branded merchandise can have a truly profound impact is in the beverage industry. It seems that craft breweries are popping up left and right, the reason being is that within the beverage industry there are passionate individuals driven to produce a product that they want to share with the world. Once that product has been produced, the challenge becomes sharing it with consumers.

According to a study conducted by XenoPsi which is a well renown marketing and advertising agency, 49% of consumers use a smart device in-store when making a purchasing decision about alcohol. Additionally, 78% of those consumers purchased a product that they have never tried before. The overarching message here is that consumers are willing to try new products, however, how do you ensure that your product commands their attention to put your brand in the running for their consumption? There are a number of potential solutions that can help keep your brand top-of-mind to consumers, however, dealer loader items are a surefire way to gain the attention that you seek from thirsty consumers.

A dealer loader item is an in-store display piece that is used to attract the attention of consumers. An example of a dealer loader would be a branded snowboard that sits at the end of the isle in a supermarket. This item is intended to stand out from the manilla branding that clutters storefronts and it goes a long way in conveying a fun and creative side to a brand. As most all beverages started on the basis of a unique story brewed with passion, dealer loader items are a tremendous channel to put that story on display and ensure that consumers see more than simply a label on a bottle, think of dealer loader items as an opportunity to tell your story.

When it comes to dealer loader items, your options are really endless. As branding experts with unmatched access to both domestic and foreign production, Stran can satisfy nearly any requested product. This can be anything from the previously mentioned snowboard to a branded lifeguard chair. Your options are limitless, however, you want to ensure that you are showcasing your brand in a method that is authentic and unique to yourself while making it something that retail gatekeepers will want to showcase. In order to make your dealer loader something that retailers will want to implement in their in-store displays, dealer loader items are usually best served as items that retailers can keep after the piece has served its purpose in your sales effort. An example of this would be a uniquely branded cooler. The retailer will display your dealer loader and then use it for their own personal use afterwards, or they could even use it as a promotional giveaway item as a sales-driving incentive. However, in order to develop a dealer loader item that accurately delivers your branding message, try to answer the provided questions. Take your time answering these questions, these will serve as the blueprint to separating yourself from the competition amongst the clutter of retail.

  1. What is your brand identity?
  2. What do you want consumers to take away from your brand?
  3. What makes your brand unique?
  4. How can your brand connect with consumers on a personal level?
  5. What is the story of your brand?

Once you have carefully answered these question in detail, contacting a branding agency to put your ideas into motion is the next step. By maintaining an established brand identity with clear goals in mind, branding experts such as Stran are able to provide you with ideas to illuminate your brand to ensure that you elevate yourself from the competition by creating a truly unique display piece.

The entire premise of dealer loaders is to increase sales, that is your goal and turing your strategy into reality is ours. Start brewing your brand by creating a unique dealer loader!

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