Top-10 Trendy Promotional Products

Top-10 Trendy Promotional Products

As the calendar reads June, we have officially entered summer. As summer has arrived, so has a new list of the most trendy promotional products of the season. You’ll notice that most all of the items on this list are destine for outdoor use. The summer months are an ideal opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather, make sure that your branded products are fun and representative of the good life! Provided is a list of the top-10 most trendy promotional products for this upcoming summer.

1. Custom Coolers—When the weather runs hot, make sure that the drinks flow cool. Putting  your brand name on a cooler will be a huge hit this summer and for years to come as they are built to last. People carry coolers with them for picnics, beach days and many more fun events ensuring that your brand will gain lasting exposure while people are escaping the stress of the world and relaxing while your brand helps them do just that.

2. Cooler Grills—CALLING ALL GRILL MASTERS, cold drinks on the bottom, golden dogs up top. Branded cooler grills will be the talk of any and all gatherings that they make their presence felt in. This is a fun and convenient product and will grab the attention of all backyard aficionados. It is the perfect two for one product when it comes to grilling and entertaining guests. Make your brand top-of-mind each time the recipient lights up the grill or reaches for a drink.

3. Branded Beach Balls—Beach balls are always a fun item to have around during the summer months. By putting your brand name on a beach ball, people will recall who afforded them the opportunity to make lasting memories in the sand with family and friends. This low-cost item is the perfect product to encourage recipients to enjoy themselves while reminding them that your brand helped them do it.

4. Custom Flip Flops—From established name brands to cost-saving brands, branded flip flops will be an item that will find their niche this summer. On the beach, around town, you name it and people will be sporting this comfortable piece of footwear as the weather warms. Put your name on it and give clients a product that they will find value in each time the mercury rises.

5. Branded Water Bottles—Water bottles seem to be a hit product during all months of the year, but especially during the summer. People are outdoors more frequently and temperatures are steamy. Make sure that people associated with your brand are equipped with branded water bottles to fend off the heat and stay hydrated while displaying your brand name at every turn.

6. Branded Beach Towels—Get your brand in the sand by purchasing branded beach towels. Beach towels are the perfect mobile billboard. When you go to the beach, you see countless towels draping the warm sand providing instant advertisement. Don’t miss out this summer, expose your brand to beachgoers on the shores near you.

7. Handheld Fans—Cool down this summer with a convenient handheld fan. This is a product that people will carry with them when they’re outside for extended periods of time and it will surly command both the attention and envy of others. While they’re melting away in the summer sun, make sure that yourself and your valued clients are comfortable feeling a cool summer breeze. When people ask where the cool and comfortable user got their fan, be sure that they are responding with your organizations name.

8. Floating Key/Sunglasses Strap—Have you ever gone swimming with your keys in your pocket or sunglasses on your head? Ops! After losing multiple pairs of shades, I now double and triple check my pockets and I leave my sunglasses on shore. Fear no more! Floating straps will save countless headaches and they’re stylish. Make sure that your brand is pressed on these items so that each time your recipients leap in the water this summer they remember that you have their back.

9. Waterproof Speakers—Another popular product on the market this summer is waterproof speakers. Whether you’re jamming to tunes by the pool, in the backyard or anywhere in-between, these portable speakers will be safe from the times where life happens. Waterproof speakers have a large variety of different and unique features including bluetooth connection, charging ports and so on. By purchasing custom branded speakers, your brand will be the life of the party all summer long.

10. Safari Hats—Safari hats are in! This accessory is a great way to show that your brand is hip and current with the latest trends. Safari hats are the perfect summer accessory to gain brand notoriety and provide your recipients with protection from the sun this summer. This is a cool and relaxing product that will show that your organization knows how to have fun and enjoy the summer.

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