Top 7 Remote Office Products

Stran’s Top 7 Remote Work Products

With most offices transitioning their workforce to working remotely, it’s important that you send them home prepared to continue their work effectively. This time of transition can be a difficult one with so many of your employees & co-workers being so deeply rooted in their everyday routines. However, during this difficult time it’s important that we all practice social distancing so remote work is becoming an essential practice.

But just because your office is remote doesn’t mean the work stops. Now more than ever is a time to adapt to the changing environment and it’s a time to work diligently. In order to ensure that your employees are settling into their new workspace outside of the office for the somewhat foreseeable future, send them a remote essentials pack!

Below, you’ll find our top 7 product picks to make your remote employees transition to life outside the office a seamless one.

1. Desk Organizers

Desktop organizers will keep the new workplace clean & clear of clutter. This is a great item to start any remote work kit with.

2. Journals & Notebooks

With calls & e-meetings replacing in-person meetings, it’s important to have a notepad or journal laying around to recount the highlights.

3. Writing Instruments

But you can’t use that new notebook without something to write with! There are tons of different options for writing utensils, pick something that your remote users can get the most use out of.

4. Mini Whiteboards

Keeping organized outside the office can be a challenge, make it that much easier with a whiteboard. Make a list and cross tasks off as you go. Plus, what an added sense of satisfaction it is to see your to-do list turn empty!

5. Sticky Notes

A method to the madness, sticky notes are unique to everyone. Color coding is key to many, sticky notes are an organization essential.

6. Calculators

Whether you’re in accounting or not, when you crunch numbers it’s best to crunch correctly with a branded calculator!

7. Stress Balls

While all these items above will help with the quality of work produced, mental health is a key contributor to productivity. At some point or another, we could all use a squeeze or two to relieve the stress.

During this unprecedented time, everyone is feeling a bit uneasy. Hopefully a remote welcome kit can help you and your team find some sense of normalcy during this short period of disruption. From the team here at Stran, we’d like to wish you and your loved one’s healthy & happy wishes. We’re all in this together.

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