Tradeshow Insight Part 2: The On-Site Experience

Once your pre/post- show planning is set, it is time to focus on the on-site experience of your trade show event. At Strän, we can offer, design and produce one-of-a-kind displays for your show. Customization is where we excel and we will work to create and match whatever you are picturing for a successful event. Whether it be with pop-up tents, banners, giveaway items or uniforms we will gladly bring your vision to life. With that said, we advise setting the stage for your target audience because ultimately, “there may be customers without brands, but there are no brands without customers.”

It is just as important to create an appropriate display that reflects type of event you’re at as it is to create unique, eye-catching display. The hope is to stand out in service and product, not to stand out because your booth feels out of place. Mirroring the day’s type of event with suitable signage, product and set-up makes all the difference. In order to guarantee the comfort of your customer, you should ensure that your on-site experience invites your target audience in. For instance, some questions you may ask when deciding your set-up include:

  • Is this a community-based event or a professional event?
  •  Is this event best suitable for a pop-up tent or a structured booth?
  •  Should trade show workers be wearing official uniforms, or more casual yet unifying apparel?
  •  Why am I trying to accomplish with my giveaway item? Brand retention? Specific messaging? Drawing them in? Something else?
  •  How much signage is just enough without being overwhelming?
  •  What type of floor and table top displays will bring people into the booth?

These are just a sampling of the many questions you should consider when planning your on-site experience. As always, Strän is here to help guide and assist you in asking and answering all these questions.

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