Top 10 Trendy Products of the Fall

Trendy Products of the Fall

Don’t get too bummed out, it’s still summer! With that said, fall is firmly on the horizon. Kids are back in school, football is going to take over the weekend and the leaves are soon to change. It’s time to focus on fall and all of the fun that comes along with it! To help you get in the spirit, here’s a list of the top trending items of the fall!

  1. Fire Pits: Can’t you smell it now? The smell of crisp fall air and the campfire aroma of crinkled leaves burning seems like the official scent of the season. Having a fire pit is an awesome & easy way to have fun in the fall. Whether you’re looking to wind down after a long week or sip cider with friends & family, it’s always a good time around the flame.
  2. Collapsible Chairs: Whether you’re sitting outside at a sporting event, tailgating or sitting around your new fire pit, collapsible chairs are a fall must-have. When you think about collapsible chairs, it doesn’t have to be your standard single seat surface. You can create collapsible couches even! The sky is the limit, think creative, make it custom, make it cozy!
  3. Custom Socks: Speaking of custom, there’s no clean canvas like a pair of custom socks. Make them fun, make them festive. You can put nearly anything on custom socks which makes them a fun way to showoff your brand in a fun & clever lens.
  4. LED Cooler: Crank your tunes and cool your brews. LED coolers are the perfect duel piece as it’s a two for one transport to the party. Whether it’s tailgating or entertaining, you’ll never be without the beats or the buds with this cooler.
  5. Corn Hole Cooler: Like the LED cooler, a 2 for 1 piece is always an added benefit! This time, replace the tunes with a toss and make corn hole a fall staple.
  6. Ladder Golf: Fun & portable, ladder golf is a hit at any tailgate or backyard bash. Brand it and brag about it, this item will make you a person of popularity at any fall festivity.
  7. Custom Scarves: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, fall isn’t frozen, but the mornings can get chilly. Don’t get stuck in the cold and don’t get caught out of style. Like custom socks, branded scarves are a great way to show the creative side of your brand.
  8. Flannel Shirts: Not just a staple, but THE staple of fall fashion is flannel shirts. They’re festive and they’re warm with ample opportunity for branding, as subtle or screaming as you’d like. Whether you’re in the backyard or at the brew pub, flannels are fantastically fashionable.
  9. BBQ Set: When you think of tailgates & cookouts, you probably think of barbecues simultaneously. You might as well grill it using a new branded BBQ set, right? This is a great way to gain added exposure as your friends ask you about your cool new BBQ set. Put your logo on spatulas, tongs, grill brushes and more!
  10. Flannel Blankets: Football games, soccer games, bonfires and everywhere in between flannel blankets will keep you warm this fall. Take this blank canvas and make it your own. Because who doesn’t need an extra blanket?

We hope this guide has spurred some inspiration for your next fall project. The fall is a fun time of year, make the most out of it by being equipped with fun & festive products that showcase your brand every step of the way.

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