Wellness Initiatives Benefit Everyone

The health and wellness industry is making an impact. Nonprofit think tank Rand Corp. released a study where they cited that the designing and running of health & wellness programs has grown into a $6-billion-a-year industry. A total of 60% of US companies offer some kind of wellness initiatives which has increased from a mere 36% in 2009. If you don’t feel like adding up all these facts and reading more into it, we’ll make it simple for you, the health and wellness industry is continuing to grow.


As a company there are many ways to encourage employees to be more active and care about their health. It’s as simple as reminding employees to stay hydrated by providing customizable reusable water bottles. Providing yoga mats for the moments when employees want to work out or just slow down for a second is simple. If the weather is nice you can encourage your employees to go for walks, by providing them with pedometers to measure the steps they’ve taken towards being healthier or arm bands to hold their smartphones! Bringing in food for meetings or lunches can be a treat, but choosing healthier foods is a great way to encourage healthy eating. Rewarding healthy behavior can come in the form of items or financial rewards. Items like FitBit Activity trackers can even be customized and a great incentive for your employees to keep working out! It can be easy to forget about the importance of mental health, but simple steps can be taken to manage stress.

Employees are an important and large assets to any company, no matter what industry. Helping to ensure their good health and productivity benefits everyone especially in the long run!

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