Why Custom Packaging?

How Custom Packaging Sets You Apart From the Competition

So you decided to start a new promotional project, how exciting! Whether your project scope is large or small, one thing is for certain and it’s that you want to have your project nailed down to every last detail. If you’re taking the time & money to invest in whatever your project may entail, it’s important to make it uniquely yours. Enter custom packaging.

When it comes to custom packaging, the possibilities are endless. Think of this as a blank canvas to paint a picture with whatever messaging you’d like on the packaging of your brand new promo product. No matter the project, this presents you with the unique opportunity to stand out from the clutter and relay your message as vibrantly as imaginable to make maximum impact.

Take the above pair of headphones from the NHL All-Star game for example. The presentation is everything when it comes to delivering the piece, imagine if they’d been delivered in a generic white cardboard box. Would they present with the same care & quality? They wouldn’t, not even close. The packaging isn’t what makes the product, but it’s what makes the appearance and in promotional marketing, appearance is half the battle.

A client of ours that takes their packaging above & beyond is the retail giant Vineyard Vines. For Vineyard Vines, they understand that their brand is their everything. The brand itself is a luxury lifestyle brand and their clientele is paying for the clothing piece, sure, but also for the brand. With that, brand integrity is crucial at every step of their operation from the clothing they sell to the packaging their customers part with. They do a great job of controlling their brand at every step of their consumer purchasing process.

Vineyard Vines leverages their packaging to further their brand goals by displaying something unique within their brand. If you’ve ever gotten a box from Vineyard Vines either at retail or in the mail, you’ve drawn open the pink whale covered box to find a patterned inside with reminders of the good life. From golf clubs to beach chairs and everywhere in between, Vineyard Vines capitalizes on the opportunity to highlights and emphasize their brand at every step of their operation.

Another element of custom packaging that you can capitalize on is the growing green movement. Promoting eco-friendly products always sits well in the eyes of your end-user, but have you considered the impact of eco-friendly packaging?

It’s easy to see the added branding benefits of utilizing custom packaging, but promoting sustainability in the process is a branding slam dunk! According to ASI, 42% of consumers view a brand more favorably if they give them a sustainable promotional product. Additionally, if your target demographic falls between the ages of 18-34, that figure climbs to 58% of your audience.

Sustainability sells in the eyes of consumers and promoting your environmentally conscious effort with custom packaging is a great way to show that your eyes see green in more ways than one. There are endless sustainable packaging options that give you the flexibility to showoff your brand while promoting sustainability.

For your next project, think outside the box (pun intended)! Be clever, be creative and use custom packaging as an opportunity to highlight your brand and tell a story. Each item your logo touches furthers your brand story, so what’s yours?

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